Read A Story. Learn A Language. Simple.
Your kids can read and listen to a story in each language, click any word they don’t understand, and learn it’s meaning in context.
It’s like having a native language speaker reading to your kids.
STORYWORLD™ introduces children to natural storytelling from native speakers. Beautiful illustrations and images keep them coming back over and over again. Read together or let them enjoy alone as a fun, on-the-go activity.
Our library of original, fully-illustrated books is leveled by Lexile® and covers over 1000 common words and phrases in Spanish and English. New books added every month!
I have been using STORYWORLD with my students and absolutely love it! My students are very engaged and interested in reading or listening to the books. The comprehension pieces are great. Thanks for introducing me to this incredible program! (First grade bilingual teacher)
STORYWORLD helped our daughter learn to read in two languages. The program works! Because of STORYWORLD, she got into the dual-language Spanish program at our school. (Parent of second grader)
My son loves STORYWORLD! He asks to read the stories all the time. At first we thought he was just playing on the iPad and enjoyed listening to the stories. But then we were amazed to see that he was actually learning a new language! We’re really impressed with how much he already knows and how much he’s enjoyed the learning process with STORYWORLD. (Parent of 4-year old)
"This is a great site. Love the stories. The bilingual option is awesome. I also like the fact there are other activities besides stories for the kids to do. Since all kids learn differently and at a different pace the games at the end are a great addition. The kids seem to enjoy taking turns pushing play and turning pages”.
Makes Learning a New Language Fun
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